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Drywood Termite

In the US, termites strike five times as many homes as fire, and do more economic damage annually than all tornados, hurricanes, and windstorms, combined . Because home insurers do not cover termite damage, homeowners spend an estimated $5 billion each year, out of their pockets, to repair these problems. When left untreated, termites have the longest life span of any household pest, with individuals living up to 15 years under favorable conditions, and entire colonies living in homes for even longer. In this time, they may feed on the wood of home structures until little is left but non-supportive remnants, leaving a house that may be physically weakened and exorbitantly costly to repair. 

The two most common species of termite in the San Diego County area are are the Drywood, and Subterranean termite. 


Drywood Termites

Drywood  termites form colonies of up to 2,500 members.  They usually swarm on sunny, warm days after a sudden rise in temperature. Drywood termites can chew through support beams, floors and walls, infest dry wood, like that found in attic framings causing expensive home repairs.   They can be transported to new locations via an infested piece of furniture, a picture frame, etc. 


Subterterranean Termite

Because this species builds tunnels into your home, a colony is able to cause significant termite damage before the infestation is ever found. One of the most obvious signs of a termite problem is the presence of “mud tunnels”. These tunnels are created on the outside of your home’s support and infrastructure to keep the termites moist while moving from one area to another. More noticeable signs of damage include:

  • Damage to wood
  • Sagging/buckling floors
  • Swollen floors or ceilings
  • Exploratory tubes

Fumigation Process

The fumigation process usually takes a portion of three days and two nights. Vikane is then introduced into the structure using canvas tarps to cover and seal a structure allowing a fumigant to penetrate the wood timbers eliminating termites. The typical house fumigation involves approximately 18-24 hours of exposure. 

Wood Treatment & Repair


Termites consume wooden structures for nutrition, causing structural damage. For this reason, Fairway Termite and Pest Control  performs carpentry services to homes and other structures to help eliminate structural vulnerability.

Localized Treatment

We get excellent results from a liquid defense system and/or strategic baiting. Combined with the science and expertise of our veteran technicians, both of these solutions can and will solve your termite problems.

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